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Gold-filled 14k/20 Bracelet Cuff

This bracelet cuff is made with rectangle wire wrapped family image(s)/name(s) creative imaging, rice sheen white freshwater pearls and nugget small multi colored multi stone beads. It features hand knitted metallic handmade cord. This piece has magnetic clasp fastenings and findings. This item is decorated with a Blessed Mother Mary.

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What a wonderful gift to make this piece honoring Mary. I became very excited with ideas when discussing the birth of this bracelet. It really exercised my execution abilities. I used a newly inspired design technique, which I am excited to hone further, that will open many other idea opportunities. I enjoy the challenge of making something beautiful and durable. This bracelet has such a calming effect, knowing that Our Blessed Mother is watching over you. The recipient was so pleased to received this awaited bracelet… her husband was just as kind for he thought the underside was made with care and beauty as well.

If you wish to order this item, its code is LFDDIC91ZNFWSEMMMJNB3NA110216

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