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Artist Statement

I love to create, always have. I enjoy many forms of art, especially when it gives others joy -particularly my family and friends. My jewelry-creating mode is two-fold. I enjoy what I call "free design", just playing and exploring ideas with my materials and beloved tools. My other design mode, "direct design", is aspiring to create unique pieces that reflect the internal thoughts and emotions of my clientele; incorporating multi-level meanings to the art piece through family imagery, dates, emotions, spirituality, and symbols to share their story.

In making decisions for artwork material, I start with questions and research. Once I have some answers, (mainly from my investigating) I take into consideration the representation of each media based on the questions' answer; each element denotes a story piece, memory, or message. Even the presentation of the pattern or arrangement of materials expresses a coded message that only the wearer would understand, giving the artwork a precious importance. I take pleasure in the challenge of an engineering problem, solving it with various tools and materials to enhance my designs. I have come up with unique and eloquent jewelry hardware pieces as well as tools to aid the developing process. My most important tool that I use when creating my art pieces is the power of prayer. I pray for the recipient of my commission and or free design pieces. This gives great purpose and direction to my work.

My most recent line of work incorporates images and textured metals. My current goal is to design artistic, sacramental pieces and jewelry wear that integrates with all of my own original artwork, i.e. paintings/drawings/photographs. It is exciting to watch the progression and growth of my personal art library. Finding assorted ways to surround and accent my drawings by means of textured metals and diverse materials allows endless discoveries of possibilities. This design avenue doubly enriches my artwork since I create and design the framework that encases my originally produced painting(s). My artwork is an expression of emotion that literally can wear on your sleeve, or in my case, the wrist, neck, ears, fingers, and toes!

Laura C Langlois

Designer & Artist

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