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Welcome to Agape Gifts: A Gift of Love

Welcome to Agape Gifts, a labor of love! We are a family company specializing in hand-made, high-quality, unique jewelry pieces with a distinct Catholic flair and theme. Taking as our inspiration the selfless love Christ calls us to practice, we work hard to translate the beauty of love and work into fine pieces of jewelry and other art-ware.

Enjoy browsing our website learn more about the company and our mission, and please take a look at the wonderful products we have for sale. Explore the options we have for home parties, and feel free to contact us to arrange a party or buy one of our pieces of jewelry.

Many of you have been instrumental in praying for Laura and helping her through her journey. If you would like to view her e-paintings, please click here. To view the bracelet she made, and how it was constructed, please follow this link. The paintings are currently for sale, and if you would like a limited edition copy, please email us with a description of the e-painting you wish to buy, proceedes are going to The Pink Fund.

To keep up to date on what is happening at Agape Gifts, visit our News Blog. To learn more about our shows, take a look at the latest news about shows.

Welcome to Agape Gifts, a Labor of Love


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