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Gifts of Praise

Gimme some space!

This part of the website we will share what wonderful words our customers have said about our jewelry.

Gimme some space!

Denise from Lake Orion writes:

Your show was amazing once again! I loved seeing all of your creations, anyone can tell how much love and devotion you put into each piece.

Cecilia from Berkley writes:

My husband and family were very happy with their gifts. My husband says the rosary every day now!

Diane from Waterford writes:

Words cannot express my reaction when I opened your lovely gift. The thoughtfulness and workmanship is amazing! I have never seen such a beautiful rosary before. I cannot say thank you enough! What a lovely and meaningful remembrance.

Maria from Rochester writes:

You bring the dress, and Laura does the rest!

Nancy from Rochester Hills writes:

I love giving Agape jewelry or Rosaries as gifts because they are not only visually beautiful and creative, but a donation goes to charity-- it functions as both service and ministry. The rosaries personalized for my twin grandchildren's First Communion were of heirloom quality and were so meaningful as well as lovely. I always receive compliments when I wear AG jewelry too. Beauty, Function and Faith in one place!

Deborah from Eagan writes:

I absolutely love the rosary I purchased for my son. I found it in the dryer again and it is still beautiful. He has had it for over a year now, which is a record!! I will definitely be calling you when we are in need of another. Thank You!!

Heidi from Commerce Township writes:

Your jewelry is beautiful, Laura.

Winifred from Farmington writes:

Thank you for your beautiful Rosaries. I'm sure Cameron and Paige will enjoy them for years to come, remembering this special time each time they pray the Rosary. Thank you also for including instructions on how to pray the rosary, i know they need that. I will continue to pray for you and your business.

Beth from Troy writes:

My husband and kids gave me the rosary today. I absolutely love it. Really, I just can't keep my hands off of it. It is so precious. Our pastor blessed it this morning, I have already said my first Rosary with it. Thank you so much. What a beautiful gift that I shall have for the rest of my life.

Jenna from Jackson writes:

I just love the bracelet my mom purchased for me. It is already steeped with meaning. It represents my great-grandmother, my mom, myself, and our baby girl on the way. We all share a name in common, and i can't wait to pass this rosary bracelet down to share as well. I know the holy women of this bracelet will pray for me and my family for years to come. I plan on wearing this bracelet during the birth so that our daughter has the presence of holiness from her first breath. Thank you!

Mike from Toledo samples::

Audrey from Rochester writes:

Ankle bracelets are beautiful! So special ~ like you and your family!

Bradley from Steubenville writes:

Very dedicated, very creative, very Spiritual, and very attractive work.

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Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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