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Traditional Party

Why have dull parties with your friends where you sell cleaning products? Have some fun with beautiful jewelry - and make yourself some money at the same time!


Key Benefits

  • Have some great fun with your family and friends shopping for quality hand crafted jewelry art-wear.
  • Receive a $15 gift certificate just for hosting a party.
  • You will also receive a gift certificate based on 5% of the party's sales.

Agape Gifts LLC will provide an invitation for marketing the party. The Hostess is responsible for its copying and distribution. The hostess will also be responsible for providing refreshments during the party.

To organize a traditional party, simply contact Agape Gifts. Alternatively, if a traditional party is not what you want, why not try a benefit party or a half & half party? Or, you could learn how to make jewelry yourself at a string-along party!

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